Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Submitting Your Websites To High PR Directories

Directory submission can be explained as the process of making your site or website URL visible in the search engines by adding it to web directories. When submitting your website to directory submission you should bear in mind that, it is not just directory submission but you should consider submitting them to directories with high pr. It is obvious that most of us understand about directory submission so let us move on to our topic. Actually, high pr directory submission is a marketing plan that has been known to be effective. Submitting a web page to high pr directories increases the sites visibility and the sites page rank. In order to increase your website pr you actually require having quality incoming links.

How does high pr directory submission work?

Some people wonder how high pr directory submission works and their effect when it comes to business marketing or products/services promotion. We can say that high pr directory is a collection of good sites with high pr and which are in a formatted plan. There are 3 types of web directories. They are free directory, paid directory and niche directory. Free directory may take a long time to be approved this is because many people opt for free services as they don’t like spending any money. It is advisable to submit your website to paid directory if you can afford as most of them have high pr and they get approved within a short time. Some of these directories require a reciprocal link while some do not.
Just like any other submission you should include a short description of your website and it should be well illustrated. It should be short and direct to the point about your website. It is very vital to make it appealing so as to attract visitors’ attention. It should also be grammatically correct and it shouldn’t have any errors.

Benefits of submitting your website to directories with high PR

  • It raises your website indexing and this helps in making the site being recognized.
  • One of the benefits of submitting your website to directories with high pr is that your page rank increases as the page rank of the directory increases. For instance, if the PR of the web directory is PR 5 when you are submitting your website and after a while its PR raises to PR 6, then your PR increases as well and accordingly.
  • It raises websites traffic thus improving it growth.
  • It also helps in increasing the number of backlinks to website.
  • It also raises the website page rank as we have stated earlier and this raises its position in the search engine and hence additional growth in website targeted audience
In case you are looking for high PR submission services you should look for the companies that are recognized of their services. Great and famous companies offer good services at an affordable rate and they help their customers achieve their desired goals.

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